A region wide Baltic Sea fundraising gala, aiming to raise €100 million for medical equipment to Ukraine.

1 for Ukraine

The fundraising campaign ”1 for Ukraine” aims to raise €100 million for Ukrainian healthcare. The focus is on purchasing medical equipment and ambulances.

Our fundraising marathon has already commenced, with the grand finale being a major televised gala evening in Tallinn set for Spring of 2025.

Several of our biggest artists will perform, and politicians, representatives from the business sector, and academia/research will be present and active on-site.


Since Russia launched its full-scale invasion in Ukraine, millions of Ukrainians have been forced to leave the country due to shelling and attacks from Russian forces, targeting civilian targets including hospitals, schools, and residential areas.

Millions of people have suffered physical and psychological injuries, and without adequate care, their recovery could be incomplete or take much longer than necessary. We know from our previous fundraisers that our donated equipment saves lives.

By supporting Ukraine’s healthcare, we are assisting both the civilian population and the military, which is crucial for Ukraine’s reconstruction and stability as a nation.


By engaging politicians, businesses, academia, and Europe’s elite artists, we can collectively drive a fundraising marathon. As the grand finale, we will organize a televised gala where Europe’s top artists, prominent figures in healthcare, and academia participate to leverage their networks in support of Ukraine. We aim to create a gala similar to Band Aid, for Ukraine in 2025, 3 years after the start of Russia’s offensive war.

The fundraising campaign will span several months and culminate in the gala in Tallinn in Spring of 2025.



Jonas Hård af Segerstad +46 709 29 95 98
Anders Soxbo +46 709 68 81 88
Christer Mellstrand +46 737 12 30 94
Laura Sprechmann <phone by request>


Get involved by donating or offering your time. A starting capital is provided by the entrepreneur Ted Valentin, Fredrik Hillelson and others.


Insamlingsstiftelsen Ukraina Medtech

Organisationsnummer: 802482-4727